COP26 Reflections

November 19th, 2021

COP26 was the first time where we were no longer defending the reality of climate change. Instead, there was a wide realisation of urgency and financing needed to secure a liveable future for all. This was an immense shift and well overdue.  

The recognition that the world cannot achieve the 1.5oC Paris goal without nature-based solutions, especially around agriculture, underlines the importance of the analytics and insights that Downforce can provide to landowners, financial institutions and the food and fashion industry.

Some other new and vital elements are worth noting: there is a new global adaptation goal, greater balancing of adaptation and mitigation financing, phasing-out of inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies and the inclusion of methane. These all speak volumes to the science and evidence that have been amassed over the years and which have now finally been accepted.  

Achieving the Paris agreement is not just about governments and industry, it is also about involving practitioners – farmers, land stewards, technology innovators and private financial institutions. But any misstep that leaves people out of the discussions will mean that we will have squandered the opportunities to ensure a future for human and non-human life on planet Earth.

Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientific Officer, Downforce Technologies.

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