EcoBalance® rebranding as Downforce Technologies

Ecobalance® has rebranded as Downforce Technologies with a new logo to bring our brand to life in a more consistent and compelling way. 

The original goal behind our name, Downforce Technologies, was about taking an F1 approach to climate change: identifying that the most urgent need is to draw carbon out of the atmosphere so that we can buy time to reduce emissions!

Our new logo is the shorthand for our brand and designed to be an instantly recognisable visual element that represents Downforce Technologies. The core design is an abstract cube logomark accompanied by our name. The cube logomark is comprised of 14 individual shapes formed into a ‘datacube’. The concept of the “datacube” represents our vision linking geospatial and natural capital data with semantic web technologies to feed into a Digital Twin meta-model for local and global interdependencies. The organic yet digital style is influenced by imagery of farmland, fields, rivers and streams, as well as computer board circuitry and data visualisation. 

Dr. Josephine Wapakabulo, Chief Executive Officer, Downforce Technologies

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