Nature-based solutions are critical to help solve climate change

Healthy soils store more carbon

And support sustainable production of healthy foods

We provide the accurate measurements that enable nature-based solutions

What We Do

We create a digital twin of your land that accurately captures:



Soil Health


Why It Works

Downforce Technologies provides a novel and highly-effective platform for rapid, remote and high-resolution calculation of quantities and values of natural capital and ecosystem services produced by farmers and land stewards.

Professor Jules Pretty, University of Essex

Who We Serve

Land owners, financial institutions, public bodies and global corporations all benefit from our technology

Matthew Morris, Land Steward for the Duchy of Cornwall

“This is incredibly exciting and potentially a game changer. If we can combine this technology with what we are discovering with our farmers through our soil health initiative we will be able to tailor our land use plans, monitor our progress, and deliver on our pathway to net zero.” 

Deborah Kiers, Board Chair, Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund

“The Downforce Technologies groundbreaking capability for measuring and predicting soil carbon is a game changer for planning and demonstrating how to impact the natural capital value of the land.”

Melinee Leather, owner of Leather Cattle Company

“This technology gives us more evidence based and insights into the carbon held in our soil over the last 5 years, and how specific changes we have made to our land over time has helped increase our stored soil carbon. This information gives us the confidence to invest in further changes to land management and invest in projects like Leucaena plantings to further increase carbon in the soil ahead.”  

Craig Pensini, Impact Coordinator, Wide Open Agriculture

“Downforce Technology’s Soil Organic Carbon SOC remote measurement tool is industry leading. It has the potential to allow farmers to accurately benchmark their achievable real-time SOC. For our Dirty Clean Food supplier farmers this is a valuable Regenerative Agricultural data piece, because it builds a property’s natural capital and climate resilience which assists in managing seasonal risk “

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