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Introducing a new era of data-driven land management

Downforce Technologies is a pioneering leader in science-led, data-driven land management solutions focused on optimising soil health, soil organic carbon levels and biodiversity. With over 30% of the world's soil already degraded, urgent action is needed to address this pressing global challenge.

Soil erosion not only threatens global food security but also exacerbates climate change by releasing carbon into the atmosphere. At Downforce Technologies, our mission is to combat soil degradation head-on, ensuring a resilient and thriving planet for future generations. We revolutionise land management with our science-led, data-driven platform, empowering farmers, landowners and supply chains to make informed decisions that preserve and restore soil health on a global scale.

Our platform offers a complete, high-resolution view of the land's carbon profile, enabling precise analysis and site-specific strategies for optimizing carbon levels. Whether you oversee a farm, manage a land portfolio or are responsible for an entire landscape, our intuitive interface eliminates the need for labour-intensive soil sampling methods. Instead, it gives access to accurate, high-resolution data to protect soil health, combat climate change and create a sustainable future guided by science and data.

Why Downforce?

Science-led Expertise: With our deep understanding of soil science and environmental sustainability, we provide cutting-edge solutions backed by scientific rigor. Our team of experts, led by Professor Jacqueline McGlade, a world-renowned expert in environmental science and sustainability, ensures our solutions are at the forefront of scientific advancements in land management.

Accelerate Your Net Zero Journey: We understand the urgency of the climate crisis and the need to achieve Net Zero goals. Our platform helps you establish your baseline, plan and implement carbon sequestration projects, measure, monitor and verify your progress, and make data-driven decisions to propel your organisation to a sustainable future. 

Supply Chain Resilience: Our solutions enhance the environmental performance of agricultural, food and fashion supply chains, empowering stakeholders to reduce their environmental footprint and work towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

Risk Management & Compliance: As international reporting standards are formalised, the need for accurate and verifiable reporting is critical. Our data-driven insights enable you to identify and manage potential risks associated with soil degradation and environmental compliance. By proactively addressing these risks, you safeguard your operations, mitigate regulatory challenges and demonstrate your commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. With Downforce Technologies’ platform, you can confidently measure, report and verify the outcomes of your sustainability initiatives, ensuring transparency and accountability in your nature-based impact plan.

Regenerative Farming: Our platform gives you access to a high-resolution view of your land, enabling you to pinpoint intervention areas and closely monitor results with unprecedented precision. Our solutions provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimise soil health and promote carbon sequestration, resulting in improved crop productivity, reduced input costs and enhanced profitability for your organisation.

Brand & Reputation: By aligning your organisation with Net Zero goals and sustainable land management practices, you showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing your brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty among environmentally conscious consumers.

Social Metrics: Our solutions not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also have positive social impacts. By adopting responsible land management practices, you support local communities, preserve natural resources and promote a healthier and more equitable society.

Platform Benefits

Fully Remote

Access a high-resolution view of your land from your desk-top, anywhere in the world

Views At Any Scale

Analyse individual farms, large land portfolios and entire landscapes, globally

Historical Analysis

Access 6+ years of historical analysis every 10 days at 10m grid resolution


Utilise verified, reliable science-based data to identify intervention areas with unprecedented precision


Benefit from continuous SOC assessment for every field, every year, saving significant costs on standard soil testing

Any Use

Measure and report on any land use and crop type in any region

Leadership Team

Peter Moss

Chief Executive Officer

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Professor Jacqueline McGlade

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

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Aeham Abushwashi

Chief Technology Officer

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Geoff Horrell

Chief Product Officer

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Board Members

Adam Parr

Executive Board Chair

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Nijhad Jamal

Board Member

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David Craig

Board Member

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Dr. Josephine Wapakabulo

Board Member

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Peter Gutman

Board Member

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Nigel Sharp

Board Member

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James Alexandroff

Board Member

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Advisory Board

Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball

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Robert Costanza

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Paul Hawken

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Ida Kubiszewski

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Hadi Michel

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"Welcome to Downforce Technologies, where we are on a mission to realise the potential of land to improve climate change resilience and enhance biodiversity to drive global prosperity."
Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Downforce Technologies