Case Study: Good Earth Cotton

The Customer

David and Danielle Statham, owners of Good Earth Cotton, saw the potential for farming practices and production methods to have a real impact on the climate crisis. They had a vision of producing clothes made with environmentally conscious fibres from their farm in Keytah, New South Wales

Good Earth Cotton is climate positive – sequestering more carbon than it emits – and is produced through a modern regenerative farming program that empowers global producers, communities and members of the textile supply chain as agents of change.

The Challenge

David & Danielle founded Good Earth Cotton to make their dream a reality but needed to find a way to measure carbon levels at scale to prove their clothing did what it said on the label. 

The Solution 

They describe their discovery of Downforce Technologies’ remote measurements of SOC, which provide historic data and annual monitoring of carbon at 10m resolution, as a “game changer”.

David and Danielle can now see the current and historical SOC stocks across their farms and are able to accurately identify the impact of their practices on carbon levels.

The Result

And as brands become increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of their supply chains, Good Earth Cotton can attract premium prices because the company is able to provide good, verifiable data to its customers.

“The common sense approach to farming delivers you the result, but you need a tool to measure with,” David said. “Soil tests are essential for NPK tests, but we’re only positioning with one point with a soil test. With Downforce, you get thousands of points.

By combining the two you get the best of both worlds, and it adds credibility and rigour to the results.”

Downforce’s global, remote measurements have also given the Statham’s the opportunity to expand their brand and their impact.
Since the measurements are remote, they don’t need to physically be on the farm to get the SOC data, and are working with farmers in Africa to establish regenerative farming practices there. 

“Downforce allows every farmer in every part of the world to understand the carbon footprint of their farming practice.”

-David Statham, Good Earth Cotton

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“Downforce allows every farmer in every part of the world to understand the carbon footprint of their farming practice.”
David & Danielle Statham, Co-Founders, Good Earth Cotton