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Digital Agrifood Summit


Paddock to Profit

The Digital Agrifood Summit features interactive and engaging panel discussions with industry experts, showcases from leading researchers, and so much more.

This year's theme ‘Paddock to Profit’ will demonstrate how digitally driven insights, systems and tools are helping Australian producers increase value across the supply chain.

Each session begins with a keynote presentation to establish industry context, followed by a case study to provide a real-world example, and rounded out with a panel of expert speakers to explore the path ahead.

The three main sessions are 'Show Me The Money', 'Ambition into Action', and 'Eyes on Export'.

For media inquiries or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

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News Oct-18-2023
Downforce joins work on pioneering natural capital accounting system
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News Oct-17-2023
Downforce Technologies granted US patent for novel methodology that underpins nature-based solutions to address climate change
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News Oct-10-2023
Downforce Technologies gains international certification for their GHG monitoring and removal program
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News Sep-27-2023
Charles Sturt University partners with Downforce Technologies to assess soil organic carbon
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“This technology gives us evidence based insights into the carbon held in our soil over the last 5 years, and how specific changes we have made to our land over time has helped increase our stored soil carbon. This information gives us the confidence to make further changes to land management practices and invest in projects like Leucaena plantings to further increase carbon in the soil.”
Melinee Leather, owner of Leather Cattle Company