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Downforce Technologies granted US patent for novel methodology that underpins nature-based solutions to address climate change


17 October 2023

DOWNFORCE Technologies is thrilled to announce that it has been granted a United States patent for a system and method for natural capital measurement.

Downforce was granted United States Patent No: 11,790,410, (the “‘410 Patent”) for its novel methodology, which allows for robust assessment of soil organic carbon (SOC) and land management practices anywhere in the world, remotely and at scale. Underpinning its proprietary software, Downforce’s patented methodology provides science-based, data-driven insights and solutions for enhancing SOC as an essential natural capital component.

Downforce Technologies co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Prof Jacquie McGlade, said, “Outside the farming sector, many people are not aware just how important soils are to the climate and their potential to help the world transition to net zero.”
“The ‘410 Patent’ describes Downforce’s consistent system and methodology to measure natural capital at every scale from farm to continent using its proprietary software,” Prof McGlade said.

The receipt of the US ‘410 Patent’ follows Downforce’s distinction of recently gaining International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14064 Part 2 certification for its Natural Capital Programme methodology and process for projects to be developed, monitored and verified for SOC removals and storage.

ISO is a non-governmental organisation with a membership of 169 national standards bodies and oversees the internationally recognised 14060 family of standards relating to the measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

Downforce’s patented and ISO-certified methodology thereby enables companies with land-based supply chains to calculate their SOC baseline across their portfolio, report their net zero position with confidence and establish carbon projects with their suppliers to generate carbon credits for retirement. Those credits for verified carbon removals can be used to inset against their supply chain emissions.

To learn more about how Downforce Technologies is driving the net zero transition and helping people unlock the potential of their land, visit our website.


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About Downforce Technologies

Downforce Technologies is a pioneering leader in science-led, data-driven land management solutions focused on optimising soil health, soil organic carbon levels, and biodiversity. With over 30% of the world's soil already degraded, urgent action is needed to address this pressing global challenge.

Soil erosion not only threatens global food security but also exacerbates climate change by releasing carbon into the atmosphere. At Downforce Technologies, our mission is to combat soil degradation head-on, making every hectare count to achieve global climate, biodiversity and food security goals and ensure a resilient and thriving planet for future generations. We revolutionise land management with our science-led, data-driven platform, empowering farmers, landowners, and supply chains to make informed decisions that preserve and restore soil health on a global scale.

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“Downforce Technologies' ground-breaking capability for measuring and predicting soil carbon is a game changer for planning and demonstrating how to impact the natural capital value of the land.”
Deborah Kiers, Board Chair, Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund