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Join Us at Groundswell, The UK Regenerative Agriculture Festival 28-29 June

The Groundswell Festival is the ultimate gathering for farmers, growers, and individuals passionate about food production and environmental sustainability. Discover the latest theories and practical applications of regenerative farming systems that can revolutionise your approach to agriculture.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit our stand, A10, where we will showcase our ground-breaking natural-capital analytics platform. Experience first-hand how our platform provides precise measurements and invaluable insights into soil health and soil organic carbon. Whether you're a farmer in the field, a manager of extensive land holdings, or a corporate supply chain and sustainability manager, our application is a powerful tool for assessing, planning, and monitoring the performance, resilience, and risk of your land over time.

Using data from a multitude of sources, including local surveys, geophysical data, and satellite observations, our platform creates a digital twin of your site. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly assess your entire land portfolio and zoom in on specific 10m squares for a detailed view of conditions spanning several years.

Join us at Groundswell and discover how our natural-capital analytics platform can transform your approach to land management. See you there on 28-29 June!

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“This technology gives us evidence based insights into the carbon held in our soil over the last 5 years, and how specific changes we have made to our land over time has helped increase our stored soil carbon. This information gives us the confidence to make further changes to land management practices and invest in projects like Leucaena plantings to further increase carbon in the soil.”
Melinee Leather, owner of Leather Cattle Company