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  1. Establish Your Baseline

    To effectively assess soil organic carbon (SOC) variability and track changes over time, it is critical to develop cost-effective and efficient monitoring techniques. Traditional methods for SOC analysis involve collecting soil samples and sending them to a lab for analysis, which is impractical for routine monitoring across large areas and time periods.

    At Downforce, we offer a consistent, scientific and comprehensive view of soil organic carbon across your entire property portfolio, regardless of crop type or land use. With our advanced technology, we offer a complete carbon picture of your land, including current carbon storage, future potential, annual capture rate and, most importantly, the identification of your baseline. Understanding your baseline is crucial when planning carbon sequestration projects. Moreover, this data can be combined with emissions data to provide a holistic view of achieving Net Zero

    Downforce provides a clear view of your current, potential and lowest observed soil organic carbon storage across all of your fields and properties.

  2. Develop Your Land Management Plan

    To develop your land management plan, Downforce Technologies provides key insights and tools to help you confidently develop land use changes that prioritise carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement.

    Understanding Historical Land Performance: SOC exhibits significant year-to-year, seasonal and spatial variability, underscoring the importance of having a complete historical view of your land. Our nature-based analytics platform provides crucial land management insights and tools to assess the impact of your practices on soil health. The same practices may yield a variety of outcomes in different areas.

    Identifying the most suitable practices for specific locations and understanding their interactions with existing SOC levels, is essential for achieving results. Our data-driven approach enables you to identify the most effective intervention areas and provides recommendations on the appropriate methods to use, based on real-world comparisons of achievable carbon sequestration.

    Downforce identifies the loss and gain in SOC for the entire property for every period. This highlights areas where interventions have been successful in retaining more soil carbon.

    Cropping Analysis: Downforce offers cropping analysis to assess the historical impact of your rotations on soil health. By analysing the effects, you can make informed decisions for future land management and effectively plan rotations for the upcoming season.

    Downforce supports the integration of cropping and paddock data which enables the analysis of rotations on SOC.

    Carbon Project Planning: With our insights and tools, you can quickly identify areas where carbon projects will yield the biggest benefits. By harnessing this information, you can strategically implement interventions that promote carbon sequestration and contribute to the overall success of your land management plan.

    Downforce analyses the variability and potential across the property when planning interventions, grouping together areas that have similar characteristics.

    With Downforce Technologies, you can develop a land management plan that optimises the potential of your land, improves soil health and supports sustainable farming practices.

  3. Measure, Report & Verify (MRV)

    Measuring and monitoring the outcomes of your sustainability initiatives is crucial for validating your efforts and meeting disclosure requirements. At Downforce Technologies, we provide a comprehensive MRV solution based on the ISO14064 programme. Our nature-based platform simplifies data gathering, establishes benchmarks, and enables standardised science-based progress reporting across even the most complex land portfolios and supply chains.

    Benchmark the Performance of Your Land at Every 10m Squared: With Downforce, you can assess the performance of your land using our unique measure, the Downforce Attainment Score. This Score compares each property to a comparable land use classification, providing accurate benchmarking to evaluate your land’s sustainability progress.

    By analysing the changes in soil organic carbon over time, areas of high potential and areas of high variability can be highlighted

    This detailed understanding is essential for evaluating historical interventions, planning future actions, and considering carbon projects. By pinpointing specific areas and their carbon characteristics, farmers can avoid costly interventions with uncertain outcomes and focus on the most effective and impactful soil-enhancing carbon projects.

    Reporting & Insights

    Realisable Potential of Your Land: Our reporting includes an assessment of the realisable potential of your land, providing insights into the maximum carbon sequestration capacity based on its unique characteristics.

    Paddock Level Analysis: Landowners can understand the impact of land management practices, such as crop rotations, on SOC over time at a field-by-field level

    SOC Variability: We provide information on the variability of SOC levels across your land at scale from single farms, diverse and distributed portfolios to counties, countries and continents, helping you identify areas that require targeted interventions.

    With Downforce Technologies’ MRV solution, you can confidently measure, report, and verify the outcomes of your sustainability initiatives, ensuring transparency and accountability in your land management plan.

Platform Benefits

Fully Remote

Access a high-resolution view of your land from your desk-top, anywhere in the world

Views At Any Scale

Analyse individual farms, large land portfolios and entire landscapes, globally

Historical Analysis

Access 6+ years of historical analysis every 10 days at 10m grid resolution


Utilise verified, reliable science-based data to identify intervention areas with unprecedented precision


Benefit from continuous SOC assessment for every field, every year, saving significant costs on standard soil testing

Any Use

Measure and report on any land use and crop type in any region

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“This is incredibly exciting and potentially a game changer. If we can combine this technology with what we are discovering with our farmers through our soil health initiative we will be able to tailor our land use plans, monitor our progress, and deliver on our pathway to net zero.”
Matthew Morris, Land Steward for the Duchy of Cornwall