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Improving soil could keep world within 1.5C heating target, research suggests


We are thrilled to share insights from our Chief Scientist Jacqueline McGlade, in her recent interview with The Guardian, in which she highlights the immense potential for better farming to help meet the 1.5C target.

At Downforce Technologies, we have calculated that better agricultural techniques (for e.g. crop rotation, planting cover crops, or using direct drilling) could result in a staggering storage of 31 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide annually, bringing us closer to bridging the 32 gigatonnes gap required to meet the crucial 1.5°C target.

We are committed to revolutionising agricultural practices and empowering farmers to harness the power of healthy soils. We help supply chains reach their net zero goals by working to improve soil health and carbon sequestration at scale.

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“Downforce Technologies' ground-breaking capability for measuring and predicting soil carbon is a game changer for planning and demonstrating how to impact the natural capital value of the land.”
Deborah Kiers, Board Chair, Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund